Release Faster

With No Regression

Create automated API tests from real user sessions

Replay Real User Sessions

It's Simple. Run your first test in 2 minutes.


Focus on what matters

Test with real data

Automatically generate regression tests from real user recordings. 

Move fast and keep your team focused on what matters.

Continuous replay

Automate the entire QA process by replaying real user behavior.

Integrate Loadmill into your continuous delivery pipeline and start shipping faster.


Performance matters

Loadmill is using real traffic from websites around the world to test your server's performance

Gain insights

Get results fast - launch tests within seconds & detect bottle-necks before production.

Truly distributed - unlimited unique IPs and locations per test.

Meet the internet

Record and replay your own user scenarios at scale.

Test using real traffic from anywhere in the world - target specific countries or go global!

Using JMeter or GoReplay?

Easily convert your scripts to Loadmill!


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